Espearan Lodge

Human. Ex-TDF. Widowed. Angry.


Espearan Lodge was the typical son of a middle-class Tavanali family; aligned with the Suzerain, the Lodge family has a history of at least five generations of service, and Espearan was no different in his choices. Enlisting as early as he could in the Tavanali Defense Forces, Espearan followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps by serving in the Ground Defense Forces branch. After primary and secondary, Espearan was assigned to the Tavanali XXVI, the Helldivers, a light infantry unit tasked for quick orbital insertion.

Espearan’s exemplary service and natural ability meant that he was quickly promoted during several sector skrimishes and was soon given orders to report to Grieshmont, home of the Officer’s and General Service Academy. 18 weeks of classes and Espearan graduated, ready to take command of his first infantry platoon.

Over the next decade, Espearan led his soldiers well, and was promoted several times. It was during his company command that he met and married Portia Dren (another middle-class family that supported the Suzerainty), who, two years later gave birth to their son, Jaren Genar Lodge, named for both of their fathers.

It was during his staff service as a Major responsible for infantry support logistics that the Empire backed House Geraldi in it’s overthrow of the Protectorate.

As a Major in the Tavanali Defense Force, Espearan’s value was dismissed as the TDF was dismantled. Cut adrift and discarded, Espearan struggled to come to terms of being a 32 year old citizen who was repeatedly told “you have no appreciable skills in this job market, but thank you for your military service.”

It was during this time that documents from the TDF were leaked. Many of those who served were rounded up by the forces of House Geraldi and placed into internment camps. Portia and Jaren were victims of the second wave of Sullustan Flu that ravaged the camps. Espearan survived thanks to the numerous innoculations he received in TDF service, but nearly died from the self-imposed neglect during the the rest of that year in the interment camp.

Liberated by a Rebel Alliance strike against the camp, Espearan awoke in the medical bay of a Nebulon-B frigate several sectors away. Angry and bitter, he intends to make the Empire and House Geraldi suffer for the loss of his family and the honor of his house.

Espearan Lodge

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